Name of conspiracy Conspiracy Number Cost Notes Am I involved
I am an alien 1 Nothin' I am an alien. I offer no proof or otherwise, but this is my claim. No-one else knows if I am or not,only I know the truth. This has been explored in the movies. Maybe
Fake Moon Landings I 3e4 ~2 Moon Landings per fake Very few know the truth. For this to work, you have to fool almost everyone, which means you have to have two automated landers. The first picks up the samples needed to replace those that the crews are supposed to collect in advance, so they can be filmed actually collecting them (Moon samples are unique enough to make them impossible to emulate), the second to emulate the radio signals from the supposed spaceship. No
Fake Moon Landings II 1e6 Quite a lot of sexual favours Instead of going to all the trouble of getting the multiple craft to emulate a moon attempt, you just get everyone who could have knowledge about the Moon to LIE continuously on your behalf for 35 years. All the scientists, and for that matter students, ever to study Moon samples. All the HAM radio enthusiasts at the time who supposedly tracked the mission from Earth. People who watched the launch. Stuff like that. Yes
Hollow Earth 3e6 Even more sexual favours The Earth is in fact Hollow. In caverns in the Earth wonderful things live. There is a small sun inside the Earth. To stop people finding out, you have to control: all geologists (including the oil industry); polar explorers; atmospheric modellers; satellite controllers; the military. Yes
Young Earth 1e8

Over-arching mind drug usage

The Earth, as some interpretations of the bible indicate, is only 5700 years old, not the suggested five billion years old. The flood happened, dinosaurs are not found in ancient rock, but in sediment layers which are implausibly sorted. In order to hide this truth, you have to control: all geologists, all physicists and people who have studied physics (who have to tell lies about nuclear physics so radionuclear dating works), all workers at nuclear power stations (who have to pretend nuclear physics works, while actually running alternative energy generation systems), all astrophysists and astronomers, palaeontologists, anthropologists, biologists, and a whole bunch of other people. Yes
The world watches you 6e9 Everything but your soul You are unique in the world, everyone else is a part of the joke tricking you. Maybe you are in a computer program, or you may be in a gameshow. Yes